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Generation Delta Brave Space Mentoring Programme


About our mentoring programme

Welcome to the Generation Delta Brave Space Mentoring Programme which is designed to support doctoral students from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds who identify as women to navigate through key stages of their doctoral journey. "Unlike a safe space, brave spaces are designed to handle risk and discomfort. The people within them are prepared to exist in discomfort and navigate it together. There may be a moment when someone feels offended or hurt by something that someone says or does in a brave spaceā€ (Hailemariam, 2023)*

What topics will be covered?

The topics that may be covered include but are not limited to career progression; curriculum vitae advice; difficult conversations; public speaking; time management and writing for publication.

Who are the Generation Delta mentors?

Our mentors are Black, Asian or minority ethnic professors (full or associate/reader), senior lecturers and lecturers at universities across the UK who identify as women.

Who is eligible to be a mentee?

Any home student in a higher education institution in the UK who is from a Black, Asian or minority ethnic background and who identifies as female AND who has attended at least one Generation Delta workshop is eligible to be a mentee.

How will mentees be assigned to a mentor?

The assignment of mentees to a mentor will be on first come, first served basis. At the time of registration, mentees will be asked to select the three topics that they most need support in, while mentors will be asked to select the three topics that they feel best suited to offer support in. Matching will be made based on these selections. Depending on the number of mentees/mentors who register, there will be a maximum of 2 mentees for 1:1 mentoring sessions or 5 mentees per mentor for group mentoring sessions.

Mentees who fail to be paired due to unmanageable numbers, will be prioritised for the following year.

Note that all mentoring sessions will be fully confidential, and no mentee will be assigned to a mentor from their own institution.

How long will the mentoring period be?

Registration will launch in July each year and sessions will commence in September of the same year. The mentoring period will be 12 calendar months, ending in August of the following year. Mentors and mentees are expected to meet a minimum of three times over the 1-year mentoring period but may decide between themselves to meet more often.

Mentees may register on the programme each year, but a place cannot be guaranteed nor can we guarantee the same mentor.

Do we expect anything from the mentees/mentors?

Mentees will be required to submit a general summary of each mentoring session to the Generation Delta project team.

Both mentors and mentees will be asked to provide feedback on the programme at the end of each year.

Please address any queries on the Generation Delta Brave Space Mentoring Scheme to



*Hailemariam, L. (2023, April 11) Safe Spaces vs. Brave Spaces [Post] LinkedIn.