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Mentoring Programme

Proposed start date:  July 2023

Purpose of scheme:

To provide guidance and support to BAME female researchers on how to navigate academia at all stages and to provide a safe space for mentees to discuss issues


Pastoral issues, signposting to relevant services within the university – highlight limits and barriers in academic life, and or good/best practices

Key principle

Mentees will not be paired with a mentor in their own institution thus all mentoring will be online

Who is eligible to be a mentor?

⊛ Any BAME female Professor: Full, Associate (‘Senior Lecturer’/’Reader’), Assistant (‘Lecturer’)
⊛ Mentors can agree to 1-to-1 (up to 2) or group (up to 6) mentoring
⊛ Mentor details will be added to the Generation Delta website

Who is eligible to be a mentee?

⊛ Anybody who has participated in at least one Generation Delta workshop (priority given to Home students)
⊛ Any eligible mentee will be able to choose their own mentor during the registration period in July each year.

Registration Period

⊛ Registration will be online, opening on July 1st
⊛ Mentees will select their preferred mentor
⊛ Access to mentors will be capped at 2 for individual or 6 for group
⊛ Students will sign off on a consent statement when they first register each year

Mentoring Period

Mentoring will begin in September of each year

How many years of mentoring can each mentee be offered?

⊛ Mentors and mentees should meet at least once per term/ semester, or have a minimum of 3 meetings per year
⊛ Mentors and mentees will be paired in the first instance for at least one full year
⊛ Mentees have an option to register for subsequent years for up to 3 years, but Generation Delta cannot guarantee the same mentor
⊛ Mentees will be required to submit a general summary of each meeting with their mentor to Generation Delta

How many hours do we offer a year?

Mentors and mentees will agree amongst themselves how long their meetings last

How do we link the mentor and mentee?

Mentees will be able to choose mentors themselves via an online portal

Are mentors paid?

Generation Delta mentors are volunteers – we have no budget to pay